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We pride ourselves on showing you and your family how to keep both pets and humans happy, healthy, and living in harmony. Whether your pack consists of one human and one dog, or several of each, we can show you how to maintain proper balance for you and your pets. Such Good Dogs uses positive reinforcement training methods, combined with energy balance. We will create a positive training program to fit your individual needs.

Positive Reinforcement

Reinforcement is the process of establishing a pattern of behavior. When you reinforce any behavior, it will get stronger. Positive reinforcement in dog training means making the dog work to receive something the dog likes. Reinforcers include many things but can be different for each dog. Some common reinforcers include: attention, petting, playing with toys, and food. It is important to remember to only reinforce behaviors you want. Positive reinforcement training teaches a dog that if he engages in behaviors you like, he will be rewarded for them.

Energy Balance

Energy Balance photoSuch Good Dogs firmly believes that all living creatures must find the correct balance of energy to be both happy and healthy. When training dogs, it is extremely important to be aware of your own energy. Dogs pick up on our energy and what we may be feeling without us even realizing they have done so. Further more, if you are unaware of your energy and try to train your dog when you are angry or frustrated, the dog will sense this and your training session will not go very well. When training dogs, we must remain calm and have a lot of patience. You can actually set back progress of your training by doing so when you do not have the proper energy and mind-set. Life is all about finding balance. We can teach you how to find balance for you and your dog.

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Traditional Methods

Most dog trainers today will tell you traditional methods are the dog training of the past. We now know that dogs learn more easily and learn more quickly using positive reinforcement training methods. Traditional methods are based on positive punishment (adding a negative consequence) and negative reinforcement (making the dog work to avoid something unpleasant). These methods are now rarely used. Such Good Dogs does not use or encourage the use of these types of training methods.