About the Trainer

Hello, my name is Athena Angelic.

I love dogs. I am an animal lover by nature, but dogs offer a little something extra special. As a professional trainer, I am very passionate about helping dogs become balanced, well-behaved members of their family. The calm, but firm disposition needed to work with dogs comes very naturally to me. As a life-long dog owner, and professional trainer since 2009, I have years of experience and knowledge to draw on while training dogs.

I am an Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). I train companion dogs, or family dogs, using positive reinforcement training methods. I have experience training dogs in many areas including: basic manners, tricks, agility, service dog training, socialization, and aggression. I specialize in helping dogs with fearful, nervous, and anxious behaviors. I am also certified in pet first aid & CPR through the American Red Cross and a Certified Mentor Trainer with Animal Behavior College.

My husband and I currently have two dogs. All of our dogs are trained to be used in Such Good Dogs’ activities, socialization, and training. My dogs have been trained how to react, or not react, when other dogs present bad behaviors to them. They are well versed in knowing what to do and how to help me with each new dog.


Our smallest dog is a Miniature Pinscher/ Chihuahua mix named Devo. He’s a cutie and he knows it. Devo enjoys meeting new people, giving kisses, eating treats, and as much cuddle time as possible.


Ahsoka Tano is our Pitbull mix. (Yes she is named after a Star Wars character).  She loves playing with other dogs, playing fetch, and saying hello to everyone she meets.  Ahsoka is a smarty pants and loves participating in training and learning new things.  She has learned more commands and tricks than any other dog I have had.  She’s always eager to learn more or go on any adventure.

Friends we have lost


Caravaggio was a Great Dane/ German Shepherd/ Black Lab mix. He was known by some as our black pony. Caravaggio enjoyed hanging out at any activity we did, especially swimming at the beach.  He made it to 15 and a half years old.  An amazing age for any dog to reach, but especially for a dog as large as he was.  He was my all-time best dog training assistant and we deeply miss him.


Nekita was a Golden Lab/ Springer Spaniel mix. She loved to play fetch and go swimming any time she possibly could. Her passing came as quite a surprise to us, and I was devastated when we lost her. She was my baby girl and I will forever miss her. She passed away in 2016, six days after she turned 11 years old. We spread her ashes into the ocean that she loved so much, near one of her favorite Maui hiking spots.


My childhood dog was a Black Lab/ Collie mix named Fang. We adopted him when I was 11 years old. Growing up with a dog was a lot of fun and I am thankful to him for helping teach me the responsibilities of dog ownership. Fang enjoyed long hikes in the woods and playing fetch. He passed away at 14 years old.

Such Good Dogs in Action