Such Good Dogs focuses primarily on positive reinforcement dog training, but we also offer a variety of other services. Veterinarian records of your dog’s vaccinations are required prior to beginning training.

Individual Lessons

One-on-one training with you and your dog.

  • First Private Lesson:  $120  (60-90 minutes)
  • Regular Private Lesson:  $100 (55 minutes)

Private lessons will be navigated as required. We will fit your training program to match your needs. Subjects covered may include: Basic Obedience, Advanced Training, Trick Training, Agility Training, Service Dog Training, Fearful Behaviors, Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Proper Socialization, or other Behavior Issues.

Prices listed are for training in West Maui.  Travel charges will also apply to any area outside this location.

Zoom and Face Time Training

Can’t meet us in person or not located in our area? No problem. We offer individual training lessons over Zoom and FaceTime. We have several of our own dogs and are able to use them in online training to demonstrate behaviors. This allows us to show you the proper way to train your dog in a new cue or command. You will then have the opportunity to practice the new cue with your dog. We will guide you in any training adjustments as needed. This new form of training is an easy and safe way to get you started off on the right path.

Group Training Classes

$300/ 5-week class
Classes for owners and their dogs will meet one hour each week for 5 weeks total.

Basic Manners – Novice Class:

  • Basic Dog Knowledge
  • Basic Socialization
  • Marker & Cue Words
  • Look/ Watch Me
  • Come when Called
  • How to walk on Leash
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Impulse Control
  • Leave-it
  • Stay
  • Drop It

Basic Manners – Intermediate Class:

  • Review of Basic Manners Novice
  • Heel/ Moving Heel
  • Place
  • Greeting a stranger on a walk
  • Reward Grading Scale
  • Long Line Leash Work
  • Come with Distance & Distractions
  • Stay with Distance & Distractions
  • Wait with a long line leash/ Wait with Recall
  • Dogs should be familiar with Novice Basics or equivalent to participate in Intermediate class.

Dog Tricks – Novice Class:

  • Capturing
  • Touch
  • Sit Pretty
  • Spin
  • Bow
  • Paw
  • Wave
  • High 5/ High 10
  • Crawl
  • Bang! / Play dead
  • Roll over
  • Paw over nose
  • Tell me a secret
  • Dogs should already know their basics such as Sit, Down, & Look to participate in Tricks class.

Dog Tricks – Intermediate Class:

  • Capturing
  • Heel
  • Left & Right Heel
  • Front
  • Center
  • Finish
  • Place
  • Hoop
  • Jump
  • Board walk
  • Leg weave
  • Weave polls
  • Tunnel
  • Dogs should already know their basics such as Sit, Down, & Look to participate in Tricks class.  Dog Tricks Intermediate is based in Agility & Rally.  Participants do not need to have taken Tricks Novice to enroll in Tricks Intermediate.

Ready To Get Started?

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Dog Adventure / Play Date

$100 (base price)
Play Date and Dog Adventure prices vary according to the dog’s obedience level, location & length of adventure, and travel time.

Dog adventures include home or park playdates, group socialization activities, and adventure hikes. Maui offers many amazing places to hike, and we love exploring them with dogs.

Dog Walking

30 minute walk: $40

We offer limited dog walking.
Please contact us with your inquiry.
(West Maui only)

(Currently unavailable)

Dog Sitting

Stay-Home Dog Boarding:  $100/day

If your dog prefers to stay home while you are away, we can help.  We offer Stay-Home Boarding, where your dog will stay home and we will come by twice a day for walks, feeding, and some good old-fashioned attention for your pet.

Stay-Home Pet Boarding:  $50/day

For other pets in the home such as cats and small caged animals, we offer Stay-Home Boarding where we stop by once a day for care.

We can also bring in your mail and other small requests. You can travel worry-free knowing that your pet is safe and happy at home while being well cared for.

We offer limited boarding.
(West Maui only)

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