Breed of the Month–Borzoi

5July 2015


Color:  Any color or combination
Height:  Males:  28-33.5 inches/  Females:  26-30.5 inches
Weight:  Males:  75-105 pounds/  Females:  55-85 pounds
Life Span:  11-14 years

Breed Health Concerns:  Hip dysplasia, bloat, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD).

Coat:  Silky, long coat.  Can be curly, wavy, or flat.  Neck has a curl, large frill.
Country of Origin:  Russia

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

The Borzoi has been used for coursing wolves since the early 1600s in Russia. 
 {Coursing:  the sport of hunting game animals such as hares with greyhounds using sight rather than scent.}
The Borzoi is a result of attempts to combine durability with speed.  Arabian hunters were crossed with native coated breeds to be able to withstand the cold Russian weather.  The exotic look of the Borzoi made them sought-after by nobles.  Sadly the breed was almost irradiated during the Russian Revolution, but the breed survived and has flourished since.

The Borzoi has an independant nature, but is extremely affectionate and loyal.  This dignified dog is incredible calm and cat-like.  He enjoys a calm atmosphere and does not easily tolerate roughhousing.

Although the Borzoi can reach high speeds, he does not require a great deal of exercise.  Daily walks or running around an enclosed yard will keep him happy.  Due to his independent nature and love of running, he should never be off leash around dangerous traffic and busy streets.

His coat should be brushed every few days.  The Borzoi is a seasonal shedder and will require extra brushing during these times.  The hair between this dog’s toes must be kept short and his face should be cleared with a soft, damp cloth.

When training a Borzoi, consistency and patience are key.  Bred to be independent and with a high prey and chase drive, basic manners training can sometimes be a challenge.  Positive reinforcement training with a calm disposition and lots of patience is a must.