Trainer Tips: Grooming your difficult Doodle

16February 2023

If you have a dog that fights you when trying to groom them, this video is for you.

I am not a professional groomer, but I know the basics.  In this video you will see how to deal with a dog that bites, rolls over, and tries everything he can to escape the grooming session.  This is typical for many dogs.  Remember to exercise your dog before your grooming session so that they have less physical energy to fight you.  Next, remember to TAKE IT SLOW.  You must remain calm and confident.  Anytime the dog puts up a fight, stop what you are doing, wait for the dog to calm down, then slowly try and continue your task.  Use your “Reward Marker,” Good or Yes, when the dog is allowing the grooming.  Calmly use your “No Reward Marker,” Uh-Uh, to let the dog know what behaviors are unwanted by you.  Start off slow by only doing 5-10 minutes of grooming the first few sessions.  Even if your dog receives regular grooming appointments with a professional, you should still be brushing your dog in between these appointments.  (Your groomer will be thankful for all your hard work!)

Check out our YouTube video for Tips on Grooming your Difficult Doodle.