The Lay Down and Relax Challenge

25June 2021

Do you like taking your dog places with you?  Or maybe you just wish your dog could learn to chill out and relax more often.  This is the dog training challenge for you!

This is a very simple and easy thing you can practice with your dog at any age.  What we are going to do is put our dog on a leash (this prevents them from moving away and finding something else to do) and sit down and relax.  You can do this anywhere you are comfortable.  Basically you are just going to sit and wait while ignoring your dog.  We are waiting for the dog to lay down (do not ask them to lay down).  When a dog chooses to relax and then is highly rewarded for doing so, they are much more likely to engage in the same behavior again in the future.  And that’s what we want.

Check out our YouTube video for the details.