Breed of the Month–Pomeranian

1May 2014

Color:  All colors, variations, and patterns (but no white and black shadings).
Height:  7-12 inches
Weight:  3-7 lbs
Life Span:  13 to 15 years
Breed Health Concerns:  Hypothyroidism, patent ductus arteriosus, collapsing trachea, and patellar luxation.
Coat:  Double coat.  Ruff neck, fluffy, soft, thick undercoat; harsh, straight, long, glistening outer coat.
Country of Origin:  Germany
Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.
The smallest of the German Spitzes, the Pomeranian is known as the Zwergspitz in many countries.  The breed originated in the German province of Pomerania.  In the 1800s, Queen Victoria’s love of the breed steered the dog in a smaller direction.  Originally near 30 pounds, Queen Victoria’s kennels bred the dog closer to its current size, usually no more than 5 pounds.  Noteworthy proponents of the breed include:  Marie Antoinette, Emile Zola, and Amadeus Mozart.
Pomeranians are quite active and enjoy doing most anything with their family.  The Pom excels at obedience, and in agility and the show ring.  This toy dog is intelligent, active, and alert.  The Pom can make an excellent watch dog, as he barks any time he is suspicious.  Training this breed from day one is very important so the dog does not develop a spoiled nature.

Although the Pomeranian is small, he still has tons of energy and needs regular exercise.  Daily walks and outings are important for the Pom, as he loves to accompany his family anywhere.  Short play times of activity are also important for the Pom.
The fluffy coat of the Pom must be given regular attention to keep him looking his best.  Brushing the Pom’s long shedding coat several times a week is recommended.  Extra care should be taken to make sure his eyes stay clean, and that his teeth receive regular check-ups.
Socialization from early puppyhood will help the Pom gain confidence, and training will be a breeze.  Using positive reinforcement training with the Pom makes it easy to teach basic obedience.  The Pomeranian is eager to learn and can excel at tricks and agility.