Doggy Gauntlet with Harley

6August 2020

Harley’s family came to me for help learning how to deal with their over-excited dog. Harley is very sweet and listens well to them at home. But when outside the house, she has a hard time paying attention and will also lunge at and aggress towards other dogs. The family and I did several appointments working on basic training and teaching Harley how to focus on them instead of other things. After a slow introduction to other dogs using a few of my own dogs, the family was ready for what I call “Doggy Gauntlet” training. For this training, I invite current and past clients to the event with their dogs to assist us with Harley. Harley and her family work on walking past other dogs and learn what to do when Harley gives a negative behavior towards another dog. Harley is slowly becoming used to being around other dogs and is gradually letting go of her habit of lunging at them. Harley and her family are doing very well in their progress. Here a few pictures I took from their doggy gauntlet training this week. Thank you to all our fabulous volunteers that were able to make it out to help Harley.