West Maui Kennels Dog Hike

5May 2017

Video of the Day:
West Maui Kennels Dog Hike at Ironwood Ranch.


The owners of Ironwood Ranch started doing dog and cat boarding a few years ago.  I have helped them out a few times over the years and they asked me to take over the boarding duties for a few weeks while they were off island.  I was happy to do it.  Working at the kennels is a lot of fun, but very tiring.  These are some lucky dogs.  The kennels are large and the dogs get to hike twice a day an hour or more each hike.  There are many amazing trails that we get to hike, that the dogs share with the horse tour rides.  This video features just a few of the amazing views we got to see everyday.  My dogs have very much enjoyed being able to tag along and go hiking with the pack.