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30May 2014

Dog Sounds
iPhone Apps for Dogs/ Dog Reference & Accessories
Updated:  August 10, 2013
In this new series on my blog, I will be reviewing the many iPhone apps available that have to do with dogs.  This will include helpful, informative, and fun apps.
This app is much more useful than some of the other basic dog sound apps.  This app includes sounds of domestic dogs and different kinds of wild dogs.  It also includes an “Attention” section that includes the dog teasing sounds like a cat, the door bell, and someone knocking.  The real bonus to this app is the section called “Body Talk.”  This section gives you body postures for different moods of your dog. For example, how a playful dog’s body looks compared to anxious or aggressive dog.
As with most of the dog sound apps, I believe they are not especially useful and are generally used to tease a dog, which I don’t recommend.  However the Body Talk portion of this app makes it worth while.  Noticing body language in your and other people’s dogs can be very helpful and I encourage everyone to have at least some understanding of dog body language.