Meeting Star Wars characters

1March 2020

 Here are some pics with the Star Wars characters they have at Disneyland.
I got a hug from Chewy!
I was so excited!
Adam also got a hug from Chewy!
As part of the Galaxy’s Edge experience, there is an Ap you can get on your phone and it allows you to hack all kinds of equipment (amongst other things).  Here you see Adam helping Chewbacca by hacking something for him.  Chewy comes to hug him, and then points to his shirt (a Star Wars shirt that said “Join the Empire”).  Chewy did not approve, but it’s just a disguise.
Kisses for R2.
Walking around with some rebel Star Wars gear can make you a magnet for interaction.
Phasma stopped to tell me:
“If you’re thinking of joining the rebellion, I have some advice for you…DON’T!”
Phasma was outside the Star Wars Launch Bay (outside Galaxy’s Edge).
Storm Troopers everywhere!
The massive amount of Storm Troopers within The Rise of the Resistance ride.
It’s Rai Skywalker.
Kylo Ren choking a member of his guard.


 Baby Sarlacc.
This guy is located above the water fountain in the Market Square.
Wait for him.  It’s pretty cool to see!
Chewbacca hiding from the First Order.