Prong & Pinch Collars

22March 2010

The standard prong collar has blunt prongs designed to pinch the dog.  When giving a dog a correction using this collar, the interlocking metal links constrict, causing the prongs to pinch the dog’s skin.  This collar is designed to suppress unwanted behavior by immediately causing discomfort to the dog.  To properly use this collar it must be fitted high up on the dog’s neck, which most people don’t realize.

I used to think this product was magical and used it on my dogs.  I soon learned that these collars are not a nice way to train your dog.  Positive reinforcement training does not use prong/pinch collars.  Using these collars is training your dog with punishment.  These types of collars can also cause damage to your dog’s neck.

If you have a dog that does not walk well on leash and you need help, please do NOT get a prong collar.  Try an Easy-walk harness or head collar instead.

Using a prong/pinch collar on an aggressive dog can actually increase the aggressive problem.  These collars can easily be painful to the dog when misused.  Owners who misuse these collars can also cause  a collapsed windpipe and damage to the dog’s neck.