Skateboard Dog: Trick Training

13January 2021

Check out our YouTube video on How to Teach your dog to Skateboard.

We’ve all seen videos online of skateboarding dogs and thought, wow that’s really cool. Have you ever wondered how to get your dog to do that? Check out our video in the link above to find out how to start training your dog to skateboard.

This was a new trick for us, something I have never attempted before. When training your dog in any new thing, remember to take it slow. Our dogs actually progressed more quickly than I thought they would. I think that this is due to the fact that both Ahsoka and Devo have been trained on the paddle board. Having that background seemed to help them pick up the idea of what to do really quickly. Obviously this may not be true for your dog. Don’t worry. Just remember to take things slowly and move at your dog’s own pace. If you have patience and allow your dog to pick up this new trick as they feel comfortable, you will eventually get there. Remember to relax and make training fun for both you and your dog.